Final 4 Gear

Anyone know where I can get FInal 4 tshirts and get them shipped to Austin this weekend? I have a couple of friends here in town and I am going to test their loyalty when they say they want the Coogs to win. Wanted to pick up a couple of them and surprise them with them. This town needs some red in it.

When I go look online even at the official fan shop, it says shirts will be shipped no later than next Tuesday which does not exactly do me any good. Thanks.

UH Bookstore will have them this week. Fanatics has them but not sure about shipping time. also
D!ck’s Sporting Goods
I would assume Academy has them but they weren’t online earlier.

From Galen


Anybody been to Academy today? Do they have Final Four gear?

That’s what I came here to ask. Would love to know.

Im waiting on a natty shirt.


Man, I would love to support Galen, but $30+shipping for a t-shirt is nuts. I’m too cheap for that!

Went to Academy they have nothing in but are expecting to have stuff hopefully by Saturday. D!ck’s had nothing and no expectations. Apparently the word D!ck’s is banned.

Huge licensed fail for academy. Normally you would have a hedge order in of about 250 pieces per store prior to game-time with hotshot delivery options.

Academy had the same issue with Astros Playoff merch last year I believe they are using COVID as an excuse. Academy is a dead store walking.

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I ordered the red one.

Where is the best place to pick up a basketball jersey?

I’m sure Houston Rockets Shop has plenty. Tillman even had them put #13 at 75% off. :upside_down_face:

The Fanatanics store next to the Football Stadium. They are currently running a 40% off sale on mostly everything, including the jerseys. They had a pop up shop at the watch party, and I got mine 40% off.

Just got one from Galen. Got to support him.

None. It is embarrassing. When I asked whether they have any UH Final Four, the manager asked me “did they make it.?”

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Available less than 24 hrs comes with cost, my guess.

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My fav… “And Then There Were Four”

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I got two from Galen.

I am happy to support him. He delivered hats to me personally, he has a customer for life.


Great design – wish it had UH somewhere. With so many Houston
teams not everyone out of state recognizes UH. Since I live part time
out of state I run into that frequently. But love the design.