Final Four in SA .

Wow! That’s the Austin I remember! Maybe it’s making a comeback???

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Love the Hyatt Hill Country. It was our go-to vacation spot when my son was young.


We love the Hyatt Hill Country and spend at least 2 weekends there every summer. I have a Hyatt credit card I use for work and have never actually paid to stay there, we get suite comps, free parking, and free breakfast once it all adds up I can get 5-6 cents in value there for every dollar I put on the card.


Miami and San Diego don’t have domes. There won’t be a FF in a regular arena.

Chicago is proposing a lakeside dome for the Bears. That’ll be in the rotation if it comes to fruition.

I want to see the Final Four in the new Falcons stadium in Atlanta.

But that is not on the schedule for the rest of this decade.

No need to talk down on the cowtown- it’s already a toilet.

Really? And why would you say that Ziggy?

I know you’re afraid to tell the truth about why you really make that comment….coward

I think Cowtown refers to Fort Worth lol

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Flagged post removed.

No vulgarity or nudity.

Just Little House on the Prairie Minds/Mentality.

Probably bought the newly released version of the Bible.

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Miami has an indoor stadium. The Marlins play in it.

It only holds 37k.

It’s Mr. Coward thank you. Not a fan of Austin.

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Nope scenic smelly Austin

I’m pretty sure he thought you were talking about S.A. is my guess.
Signed-- Cowards Agent.