Final Four in SA .

If not allowed, please delete post . . . . . This might be a great idea for FF weekend . . . . .


What hotel and when do the 18 months end?

Don’t get the SA allure. Throw in a Miami, San Diego. I guess it’s a megastadium deal. The Riverwalk. Boy what a glimmering spectacle.


Southtown / pearl over the riverwalk every day of the week.


That looks like a timeshare pitch.


Idk why yall dont like San Antonio…beautiful city

I love San Antonio, its a short drive, there is lots of stuff to do with kids, I highly recommend eating at the Magic Time Machine if you have kids. My favorite hotel is the Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort and Spa, they have the best lazy river…anywhere, the JW Marriot Hill Country is also nice, and there a couple level 3 Hyatts on the riverwalk I can use free nights at. My favorite place to eat on the Riverwalk is Saltgrass Steak House, I’m basic and most of the local places are mid. Clearly not Miami or San Diego, but Houston is no LA or NYC.


Yea, what’s wrong with SA? Next you guys will be putting down Austin.

I am a big fan of SA.

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I took my kids to Austin during Christmas and boy was it a culture shock, I remember the days when passing out half in the sidewalk and half on the street in the middle of the day was frowned upon well apparently not anymore.

I would think that rather than bashing San Antonio most would be happy with the close distance.

It makes it more affordable for some that would otherwise not even think about going.

My advice for those coming is to get away from the Riverwalk……I live North Central in Hill Country Village….if you get to the Northern area of town off 1604 there are plenty of nice restaurants and places to stay ( Stone Oak area).

As Shaun mentioned the Hyatt Regency Hill Country is great, especially if you have kids……bring the golf clubs if you have time.
If you have a wife that likes to walk around and do some antiquing then Boerne is right there….great to stroll the town and have lunch or dinner.


Translation on Blackout Friday Sale:

“Few steps away from the world-famous River Walk”.
Translation: Prepare to pay for an Uber

“On-site Coffee House”
Translation: Carafe in kitchen area close to the lobby.

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Food and prices ! I’d rather have it in SA. Especially considering how we showed out last time.


After the past few years I am just going to sit back and enjoy the ride, not worrying about where we are ranked or where,the final four will be played.
If we make it that far we will buy tickets and be there!


What a novel idea Butch. Make that 2 of us.

And you mean you’re not worried abt who the backup PG will be. :roll_eyes:

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Money on it being the Club Wyndham La Cascada or Riverside Suites. Club Wyndham, a timeshare company known for giving massive discounts and free stuff if you will let them hard sale you a timeshare for 3 hours, has a presence near the riverwalk.

UH showed pretty well in SA for the ViIlanova game.


I thought he was going with this:

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100% respect that but do note some of us do love talking about the inner depths of college basketball, trying to predict the future and talking about the past. Planning out possible roster moves :joy:. Especially since this is a fan board.

But back to the last part, not everybody can afford to just go anywhere. Going to SA is a lot cheaper and easier than other parts of the U.S for a lot of Houston fans, so that’s why we are so excited at the possibility.

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I have no problem with what you are saying, just throwing out there I am going to enjoy watching the team regardless and simply hope for the best.
I think we are all aware of how hard it is to make a final four much less win it.
Go Coogs