Final Four Tickets in Minneapolis

Not to get too ahead of things…but I’m kind of a gambling man. There is a Final Four Ticket Platform called Shoowin. Essentially you put a non-refundable fee down per ticket on 1 specific team to make the Final Four. If that team makes the Final Four, you get your tickets at no additional charge. There is basically ZERO market for UH tickets right now. I just paid $66 for 2 baseline seats. Yes, if UH doesn’t make the final four I eat the $$$, but if they do make the Final Four I’m saving damn near $1500 on tickets. You can buy 1 ticket slot for as little as $24 right now. The expensive sideline seats are going for $136 which is more to eat obviously, but also huge upside if the Coogs make it that far.

My plan is to buy a travel package now too and purchase the trip insurance. So essentially, I’ll eat around $133 if the Coogs don’t make the Final Four, but in the grand scheme of things if you are trying to purchase a travel package the week of The Final Four, you are going to get scalped on airline and hotel.

The same company has been doing this for college football playoffs and other big events for a couple of years.Anyway, if any Coogs are interested, here is a link: ReferralCandy | Best Customer Referral Program Software for Ecommerce Stores .


Too paraphrase renaissance man and philosopher Robert Van Winkle- it’s a heck of a concept.

Would be sweet if it works out

Did you just paraphrase Vanilla Ice?

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I believe!!!

So, why do we need a reference, if I can just do it myself? I’m glad to support a fellow gamblin Couga in his quest to avoid the expensive NCAA tickets for the Final Four. I would be all in just have to wait a bit and save up. Nice to know the all-around cost can be lowered because of this site and it’s credibility is good enough.

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This seems like a very sane bet to me. I was just looking at tournament sites and the Coogs should be able to play their way into first and second round games in Tulsa this season. It is also interesting to see the NCAA abandon football stadiums completely for the regional finals. Final Four sites have used the regionals as dry runs for the following year for a number of years. I think it’s a good move.

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It’s a bold strategy Cotton, let’s see if it pays of for em.


Will UH have some Final Four tickets available IF UH makes it that far? Unfortunately, I have experience only with the 1st and 2nd round tickets from last year.

I was just looking at travel. It isn’t cheap, especially if you want refundable tickets.

Where we are seeded matters alot.

If you book through Southwest, you get a voucher good for one year if you cancel at no charge. Looks like the return flights from Minneapolis are $630 each. If you fly in and out of Milwaukee, 5 hours away, your round trip is less than $250 so you’re getting paid $100/hr to drive for each passenger in the car.

24pts lol.:grinning:

Book through a travel company and purchase the trip insurance. Only out like $75 a person

Record setting! I’ve never seen any shooting performance come close to that. Just hoping for a progression to the mean tonight against the Cheaters.

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Tickets still incredibly cheap $16 for upper deck. $25 for lower level baseline and reasonable $95 for lower level sideline tickets all sessions. ReferralCandy | Best Customer Referral Program Software for Ecommerce Stores

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Next year maybe they’ll let you short the opposing team. Say you put down a voucher for six of your favorite UT maggo…er, friends. When they don’t make it they pay you face value for all seats.

I’m driving in the morning of, leaving after the game and eating at 7-11 for dinner.


So I checked on the current price for UH Final Four tickets. Cheapest upper deck tickets are now $95 each. The most expensive tickets are $700 each. That’s an increase of 400% and 700% respectively. However, that’s still a better value than if you put money on UH to make the final four at 9/2 odds as currently listed in Vegas. So you know feel free to click on the link, because I get 10% if you buy and I’m a Coog. LOL ReferralCandy | Best Customer Referral Program Software for Ecommerce Stores

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You bought some awhile back when tbey were less right?

Yeah, Matt put this money down way earlier so he’s locked in at a much lower price point. If Houston makes it.

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