Final thoughts

Just a few final thoughts on what was the only true rivalry in the land of AAC:

Believe it or not, we admire your program. Going back to Phi Slama Jama (I suppose ‘68 era but that was before my time) you guys have rich history and periods of dominance. These last 5 years have been as impressive as anyone in the country. Rock on.

Memphis is not at your level yet but we are trying. As we should. There is room for non power 5 powers in basketball. Memphis will be a player in that space. And ironically, likely to get better seedlings without a loss or two to Houston every year. We’ll be fine. But it sucks.

Most of us will root for you in the tournament to make it back to your host city. I certainly will. I don’t know how badly Sasser is hurt. Hope he is ok and back in your lineup for round one.

My hope for us? Beat FAU and then see what happens against Purdue. 8/9 seeds are the worst. But it’s March. Just win.

Finally, I was at the game and didn’t hear any F___ that S—- chant. I did hear our Whoop That Trick chant. It’s not overly classy either. I had to look it up. But it’s not the former.

Take care. Good luck. My guess is we’ll run into you in the tournament one of these years. Until then, we wish you well.


No disrespect to your team but as soon as Sasser got hurt on Saturday i knew winning the conference tournament final would be an uphill battle shorthanded. Penny could say KD also missed one of those games but when both were at full health UH beat Memphis in their turf!!!

I wish yall luck in the American and hope yall become the new top dawgs!!!



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I would love to see you guys take out Purdue. I think Purdue is going to fall short of the final 4, it would be great to be against an AAC team


Still rooting for the AAC and Memphis. Hope y’all get beat FAU and then Purdue.

There was a chant at the end but I couldn’t make out the words.

Congrats to KD and Williams. They and the rest of the Tigers took it to us.


I am pulling for Memphis big time. FAU will be tough game but your guards and athleticism matches well with them and I don’t see FAU winning that game… I think they have a great chance to beat Purdue. Your guards should dominate the Purdue guards. Duke will be tough one! But I think it is highly likely Memphis plays duke in round of 16. Good luck to y’all for sure!!!


I think Memphis is really good and should win their first game.

Game 2 is tough.

Memphis now has a chance to really dominate The AAC and get the annual auto bid.

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i think memphis can beat purdue


Sorry, Memphis won’t get a chance to beat Purdue