FINALLY, HEB has Yuengling Black and Tan!

That makes sense. We’re a hot climate, so people drink lighter beers. Can you imaging drinking Guinness at an early September tailgate?

Black and Tan is for Coonhounds, not beer. I don’t want black beer or tan beer, I want it to be light golden and look and taste like Miller Lite. :slightly_smiling_face:

Picked some up at total wine for St Patrick’s day. Will report back tonight :+1:

So, what’s the verdict?

Excellent. Ended up drinking Guinness at Rudyard’s on St Patrick’s day but I opened a black and tan yesterday at room temp. I really enjoyed it.

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I may try it but prefer my Heineken.

All this time I thought black and tans were dogs.

The Black and Tan Coon Hound

In Ireland, the term has a negative connotation.

Gave B&T a second try and I enjoy the beverage. Reminds me of Newcastle.