FINALLY, HEB has Yuengling Black and Tan!

Yuengling expanded sales into TX several months ago, but I hadn’t seen my favorite, Yeungling Black and Tan, until today.

Finally saw it at HEB this evening.

I haven’t had one since I left DC in 2015!


Good stuff!

No thanks to Chinese beer.


It’s American.

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Never had it. A friend of mine has been praising it. I like beer so I’m curious to what it taste like. I’m more of a double ipa person tho.

Is it malty or hoppy or what ?

Go Coogs !

Imagine Shiner Bock meets mild ale!

It’s a black & tan… Aka a mix of guiness and harp lager except by Yuengling.

It was a joke.

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from Wiki…

D. G. Yuengling & Son, established in 1829, is the oldest operating brewing company in the United States. In 2018, by volume of sales, it was the largest craft brewery, sixth largest overall brewery and largest wholly American-owned brewery in the United States.

Its headquarters are in In 2015, Yuengling produced about 2.9 million barrels, operating two Pennsylvania facilities and a brewery in Tampa, Florida.

Yuengling is an Anglicized version of [Jüngling], its founder’s surname and the German term for a "young person” or “youngster”.

The family-owned brewery has traditionally changed ownership through the purchase of the company by the offspring of the previous owner. Though it is an amber lager, Yuengling Traditional Lager is popular enough in Pennsylvania and the Delaware Valley to be ordered in some bars by simply asking for a lager.

Shiners seasonal Trail Mix beer is pretty good stuff Imho. Never tried Yeungling put that on my list to do.

I tried the original one time years ago and it was skunky……could have just been old but it was no bueno.

Very true, it’s a big brand in the Northeast

Hmmmm…never had it before. Now on the list. Tks!

If you don’t like Guiness, you won’t like this beer. Very similar taste, or if you prefer, it’s an acquired taste.

It’s not quite as heavy and smoky as Guinness.

It’s only half a guiness… And half a lager…

Aka a black & tan or half & half…

I was drinking these in Europe before Yuengling ever made one… Popular drink in Europe.

Yuengling is the oldest brewery in America…

But far from the best.

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It’s HUGE in the Mid-Atlantic region.

In the DC area, where I lived and worked for years, pretty much every bar has regular Yuengling on tap, and many also have Yuengling Black and Tan on tap.

Regular Yuengling isn’t a bad lager, but Yuengling Black and Tan is VERY good.

When Yuengling first started selling in TX, I had seen their regular and light versions on sale, but I hadn’t seen this one until this weekend when I was HEB doing my weekly grocery shopping.

I highly recommend it!

I’ve had ALL the yuenglings… I lived in VA, NJ and NC in my life…

It’s huge in PA…

I’m just sayinh you can make one at home with half a Guiness and half a Yuengling lager.