Fire Holgorsen and bench Tune!

Click bait. But just wondering if there are still any holdouts that haven’t changed their mind.

Go Coogs!!


Trolling for knuckleheads I see…

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naw. just revising the past and reminding everyone how far we have come. Wasnt directed at anyone at all, just very happy where we are.

Go Coogs!

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Petty sure Michael Scott could not lay off that meatball of a post.

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Guys, he did that against the WORSE schedule in UH football history, purposely made mind you, to rack up the wins. Now ill give him credit for the Auburn win and getting over the shite Mumphish hump but the jury is still out.

How we recruit and develop are gonna be huge leading up to Big 12 play. Still worried.


He also had that star running back in the back field. Alton was a beast as a true freshman. But Tune has no more excuses to go back to the QB who struggled in his first 3 seasons of his college career.

The goal is to win the games that are on your schedule and that’s what they did. Won them. If they had lost those games, this board would have completely melted down. They did what they were suppose to do, win the schedule.


Also anyone who knows the game can tell the difference between playing good against weak competition and actually being a really good player. Tune is a really good player. No doubt about that. He developed big time


True. Just needs to stay healthy for a whole season. If not i have faith in Coley.

Did you just compared us to Alabama. Yikes. Program much improved but let’s worry about UH going to a P5 bowl again :pray:

You can really make a stretch can’t you. I don’t know if you make an effort to be annoying or if it is just your basic personality.


Actually, UH’s SOS was 67th which is slightly above average in terms of our usual schedule strength over the past 11 years.

2011: 67th (went 13-1)
2012: 98th (went 5-7)
2013: 60th (went 8-5)
2014: 79th (went 8-5)
2015: 70th (went 13-1)
2016: 51st (went 9-4)
2017: 68th (went 7-5)
2018: 86th (went 8-5)
2019: 49th (went 4-8)
2020: 66th (went 3-5 Covid year so it’s kind of null)
2021: 67th (went 12-2)

Average SOS over 11 years: 69.2

So no this is not even close to the worst schedule we have ever played. It was a slightly above average schedule (past 11 years) and the team went on to have a really good year and beat Auburn in their backyard.


Found some. :roll_eyes:


His posts carry weight because they are written in BOLD TYPE


I was very anti-Tune, especially after that 2nd half against TT.
But he gained control and threw almost no picks the rest of the way. And that long of stretch is impressive regardless of the competition.


There is a tool in every shed.
A year ago that was a serious comment. Now it’s just “Seriously”.
Happy Mothers Day


Careful Mike, before you know it you’ll be told to go play on “ old people tinder”……and when you call him out for his BS the ageism and names come flying….best to ignore @MRCoog……although I do a horrible job of taking my own advice….

It’s either, rude, condescending, telling you “told ya so”,acting like he is an expert ( though far from it), or over the top Captain Obvious stuff posing as original thoughts or a combination of them every single post…. We know he was on the board before under a different name ( because of all the told ya so posts) but he’s been here just a few weeks….


Yes I see you did. Isn’t it amazing?


I was definitely felt our offense was out of Tune at the beginning of last season and I voiced my opinion. I am glad Tune was able to prove me wrong. I think if the offensive line is improved, he will have a big season and lead us to at least a conference championship.