First 2nd Half Foul for Oregon at 1:19

The refs were hard to watch in that 2nd Half against Oregon. Oregon’s talented bigs made all their team’s 2nd half points from the foul line to get the game close. Those same bigs could jump into the body of our guys in the air and not get called. Then the announcers comment 9n their great blocks.
If not for the officiating it might have been a blowout.
Also came back to haunt OU because they had to foul SEVEN to,es at the end to try to get UH to the line for a 1 and 1.


I think we had 12 fouls before Oregon had their first in the second half. Never seen that before.


Probably should have been like 9-3, we did earn most of those fouls

There was a good amount of ticky-tack in there, too…

EVERY PLAYER in yesterday’s Creighton-Tech game would’ve been fouled out if it was officiated like the Oregon game was against us…

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I know I saw Guerrier kick his leg into Shead and get 3 freethrows out of it…

And I know I saw some BS “touch fouls” that definitely were not being called both ways…


The biggest joke of a call, and there were a few, was the three pointer they called as the Oregon player made a weak attempt to lean into the call…Rather than our ball they got 3 FTs.

Another ridiculous call was Oregon getting the ball out of bounds with 20 seconds on the clock as they grabbed a rebound and threw it out of bounds.The clock wasn’t reset immediately as it grazed the rim.
Rather than our possession they got the ball with a fresh clock.


You forgot about the charge on J’Wan, I believe, where their defender was moving AND had feet in the restricted area…


Yep that was another. Defender clearly moving, feet in the restricted area then flops on an easy layup

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I’m also going to point out that the flops like this one and the 3-point kick out are extra bad because they should actually be technical fouls against Oregon. Sot that’s a 9 FTA swing in their favor on those two alone.


In the first half, there was a flop called on an Oregon player, Guerier I think. He did something similar later on and a foul was called on Shead. It didn’t look like Jamal ever touched him. Horrendous officiating.


The foul on Mark late in the game when he was going for a rebound against their big dude was also egregious and potentially a huge call.

He has position, had the ball, and the other guy jumped into him before falling down. Wasn’t even close to a foul. :rage:


We could do this all day… :rofl::rofl::rofl:


He kicked out like he was doing a damn karate kick… :rofl:

The hand to face of Jamal was another great no call.


They were both flops. He got away with the second one.

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That was ridiculous…

The announcers even said so and they were rooting hard for Oregon. Ha


They should of called his 2nd flop on that!

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I hope CKS filed some sort of grievance because that game was ridiculous…

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