First Game

CDH took over a very bare shelf. Period.

It will take time to restock/reload.

He will need to recruit/transfer/JUCO with players he wants and needs.

There is a reason we looked small and underdeveloped last night. Against the 4th ranked team in the land.

My hope is that we see improvement each week and go to some bowl.

It appears we are getting some decent commits for next year.


I’m actually stoked with the recruits we gotten so far in 2020. You say decent commuts , I say great considering for a G5 school :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Some were hoping/expecting a repeat of 2016. They must not have watched the last two seasons. We were headed down instead of up. Now we are heading back in the right direction. What could have been if Holgerson was hired after Vermin to keep the momentum going. We will get there

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I dont get the thinking, if you look at the 2 deep we were bigger and taller at half of the positions. We have a full roster and 8 months to prepare. Most our transfers had experience and our O was rated high. (#6) I think last night was a fail and they were unprepared. I dont care who it is. There was no reason to leave their receivers alone or to not pressure Hurts. They played the short passes and won. You better believe every team now smells blood.

Are you sure about that? Look at their O-Line compared to our D-Line.

We were coming off a 12-1 season and just whipped FSU. Some were expecting to play for the natty and when we ran into OU our first game we played with confidence and wild abandon.

We are coming off two mediocre seasons, a new coaching staff and a beat down at the hands of Army.

While size helps, a lot more goes into winning a game. Many of our guys never played together

A solid guy who is approximately the same weight against a taller guy may appear to be at a disadvantage, but can get leverage under the taller guy. Look at all of those NFL OL guys that are tall and 320 lbs and look at how JJ Watt just manhandles them while giving away 25+ lbs. The OL for OU was just better than our DL and their DL was just better than our OL.