First time trying to buy Sweet 16 tickets

Hey y’all I’m looking for advice. I live in Kansas City so I’m trying to figure out the best way to get good tickets around fellow Cougars on Friday. Is there a seating section where I can buy tickets near the traveling fan section or should I just grab some random tickets near half court and hope for the best?

They have not assigned our section as of yet. The NCAA makes it hard to plan

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If you do get random tickets near half court make sure it’s by the benches. Atleast you’ll be close to Coogs then.

The higher seeds get the sections behind team benches. The problem with that is the higher seeds are Houston and Texas so if you pick wrong…

That said, BUY NOW. If Indiana wins today prices will skyrocket and their fans will be everywhere.

This! But now and if you are flying and booking a hotel room I suggest you do it quickly.

Yeah, I would purchase now. You can sit up high, scope for empty seats in the lower bowl during the 1st half and then move down at half time.

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Yea I just bought mine for Friday. Came out to about $225 each for lower level. Much cheaper than Birmingham.