First U.S. city with congestion tolls on drivers on the way. (NYC $15)

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It costs at least $20/day to park

If you come from New Jersey the daily toll both ways on the GW Bridge is over $30.

Gas and other tolls and now a congestion tax will bring it close to $100/day.


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What is the 288 tollway from Hwy 6 into downtown? Isn’t it something like $8 or $9 each way?

It’s a pretty insane amount.

I miss the days when the Nolan Ryan Expressway meant you could go 100+ mph any time of day. Now you have to get on the tollway to do 100 mph. :wink:

No its minimum 15 all the way to 21.

In the morning from btw8 to downtown its 10 dollars or 12.

Its insane

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If you want to see what happens with tolls, I highly recommend “Power Broker” which was Robert Caro’s first book. It’s about Robert Moses who ended up destroying neighborhoods. My mom hated his guts.

Watch what happens over time with tolls.

The book is 1,300 pages.

It is going to have to wait for retirement.

On another note. Lots of good people trying to stop the congestion pricing. My union is suing to stop it.

As far as Moses he gets part the blame for the Dodgers moving to LA

The book is long but a quick read. Simply fascinating