Florida Bull ****

Not sure what I just watched but I am glad the Coogs won. 60 trips to the line is a real trip. Is officiating this bad in the other conferences? Was there any consequences to the ref that called a technical on Sampson for removing his tie? I hate when refs try to control the outcome of a game.


UH should be undefeated. That’s sum bull$***


it sometimes feels like they are trying to let everyone know they are in charge regardless of how ridiculous they look, and quite frankly it seems like the league is backing them up on it

NCAA should just do away with refs and go to an honor system. It wouldn’t be any worse and could be better.


Considering nothing happened after the Tulsa and UConn coaches got tossed for shaking hands, I assume the ref that T’d up CKS was named commissioner elect of the AAC.

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It’s the lack of consistency that drives the coaches nuts the most. Hinton gets called for a foul for running over a guy that moves into him. A guy bounces off of White standing perfectly still and the refs blow the whistle to make sure the guy gets a chance to regroup.


You’ve got it. There’s no consistency in calls. Travelling can be one thing at one point, and another at another point. Offensive fouls are often a mystery. The up and down rule is sometimes enforced and sometimes not. Random whistles, poor clock functioning, and just a myriad of other issues make preparing for games difficult.
Even adjustments are hard as officials aren’t consistent throughout games to where you can adjust to them reliably.

Maybe it’s the NCAA rules, and other conferences do have issues, but the American has a problem right now and it needs to figure it out.


After watching the UCONN Tulsa ejections it is more clear than ever that AAC officials are badly led and by that I mean whoever is in charge of ref’s for the AAC. They are doing what they were instructed which looks like, ‘take control of everything early and often’. Like when a player is doing something odd and he says, ‘that’s what coach told me to do’ is what this reminds me of. Problem is at the top, and it translates to the floor.

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