Florida Football Under NCAA Investigation

If Florida gets put on probation, I hope D.J Lagway wants to come home. Would be the biggest rated recruit since Ed Oliver.

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I thought cheating was supposed to help win games not lose more.


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We can dream :golfing_man:

Florida = panic
They are flailing, trying to find the magic again. A real cautionary tale about sitting on the mountain top in two sports.

Florida is in the sec. The corrupt ncaa will tell Florida to quietly:

Florida A.D. to his assistant:

Florida Assistant A.D. to corrupt ncaa:

ncaa boss outside of the office:


Ha ha, beat me to it.

It’s bad enough when you cheat, but to cheat and lose is unforgivable.


Yep, unless you are Tennessee or Auburn. Those two always get the axe.

Wait! Are you implying that the NCAA still has rules and the will to enforce them?


But just imagine how much worse they would have been if they hadn’t cheated! Now you know how they got a top-rated QB to sign up with the team despite sucking really badly and being exposed as a cheater!

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Only on G5 schools and low level Power 4 schools!

Nothing new then.

Daring to go after an sec team? ncaa’s response:

Ok Rice you are on probation due to Florida cheating,we got to punish someone.

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