Florida State and Clemson?

While all this expansion stuff is going on, is there a Big 12 contingency plan for grabbing ACC schools?

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You mean ACC? I’m sure it’s been brought up behind the scenes within the leadership

No AAC but ACC maybe that’s a big maybe.

My bad thanks. Correction. ACC

Florida St is making noise on espn this morning.

The ACC is on ice until 2035~

I’m sure BY will kick as many tires as he can, but FSU and Clemson are not in our orbit

The ACC is a TIME BOMB waiting to go off in 2036.

Yormark to ACC schools: You come to some settlement agreement with your GOR and then come talk to me.

If 8 schools leave the ACC the GOR is null.

That will happen.

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The theory is that 8 teams could vote to dissolve the conference, and with it, its GOR.

Not sure if that’s true.


I can see where there are 8 ACC schools with landing spots in the BIG / SCC / Big 12.

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You don’t want them breaking up now. You want it in about five years after we’ve had time to outperform the B10 in every sport.


That’s why I asked for a source.

This guy says no.


I’m sure there is more than one school of thought.

Wild to be stuck in a contract that long with the volatility of college football. You would think there’d be a loophole somewhere.

Georgia Tech, Nc State, Miami, Louisville, Pitt. these are realistic options from the ACC.

Everyone else will see us as Oregon and Washington did. And Utah, who thought they were too good.


Agreed. Realignment is thrilling but we just underwent the most radical shift in college football history (I think). We need the dust to settle before plunging headfirst into conference poaching and ultimate dismantling of the ACC.

Edit: Honestly, I prefer (at this time) four solid college conferences instead of 3 mega NFL style super conferences. But FSU, Clemson etc. may have other desires.


Unless ESPN can figure out a way to replace the lost cable subscription revenue with a viable revenue stream that people are willing to pay for look for media right trajectory to flatten out if not contract in the future imo. ESPN and Fox may not be the players they are now. There is a ceiling to sports rights and CFB will find that sad truth out in the future.

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It wasn’t such a wild idea when they signed it. Things were a lot less chaotic then. Between the formation of the playoff and inflation things got out of hand real fast.

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