Florida State @ South Florida

Wow…First half…lower bowl completely full.

Start of second half, six people in the stands. Not a good audition supportwise to show the Big 12.

Since their first two scores, South Florida has looked terrible. Not good for the American.

South Florida is horrible against the run. Other than having big play potential through the air (like they showed very early in this game), this is not a good football team.

Agree the American is awful this year.

I disagree, their defense was playing well until they gave up because the offense couldn’t score. They get a fumble and on the very first throw they turn it back over…I’d feel defeated as well by that point. And if the offense had been playing like they did in the fourth(i.e. better playcalling and letting flowers run) they could have won it and kept the score much lower.

Good defenses don’t give up over 400 yards on the ground…no matter what the offense is doing.

Teams/people do give up… stats NEVER tell the whole story. I watched the game. I saw the change in those kids. They gave up.

To me that makes them an even worse team. Get down a little and give up?

That’s a different argument of which i won’t disagree with you. But that the defense has talent, they do, they showed it. Are they missing heart? It was pretty clear to me that they are. But to me that is mostly coaching. That’s partly why Herman is so great. His guys buy in with their whole heart. Taggart clearly doesn’t have that talent.

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