Florida State

They deserve their own thread.

With the amount of idiocy coming from the leaders of the PAC, the BOR at SDSU and others we now have a new competitor.

A school that thinks if they yell loud enough it will change a binding contract THEY agreed to!!

Short of 8 of them dissolving the conference…what are their options at this point?

If the 8 do that AND the B1G adds 4 from the PAC- that would mean 4 have secured a spot in the SEC (FSU, Clemson, NC, UV) and 4 have secured a spot in the Big 12. Keep an eye on those other 4 becaus ethey could be working back room deals with the Big 12.

The rest go to the Big East (i.e Duke & Syracuse) or the AAC (Boston College & Wake Forest).

This is why we ABSOLUTELY do NOT burn a spot on UCONN, Gonzaga or any other G5

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I agree. No UConn or G5s.

Lots of potential P5s additions may soon come open.

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