Florida to build a road that charges EV while they travel on it

I’m sure I’ve heard proposals like this before but it also reminds me of a video game. This is interesting though. Can’t imagine how long it would take to scale this up beyond one new toll road.

This would be awesome

Not the same but I’ve heard Washington state has toll roads that charge based on the level of congestion. Hell, maybe Texas does, too. I just haven’t seen it.

I believe those toll/Hov lanes in Houston have variable rates on the toll based on time of day or congestion. I could be wrong.


I think NYC is doing something similar with their streets. As far as I know, it’s the only proven way to mitigate congestion.

You guys must not work/live in Katy, that Katy toll has surge pricing.

I think imbeding charging in the infrastructure will go a long way to helping ease EV range anxiety.

It would be a massive infrastructure project.

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So it’s like slot cars!