Football needs to expand playoff

Coogs basketball lost yesterday but the season doesn’t feel doomed. Instead we’ll still have a high seed and a chance to make a great run. I used to love football season but now we only talk about who will win the Championship, and really only a few teams are in the conversation. Time to expand the playoff.

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Will never happen

Every few years or so a high seed blue blood gets knocked out in the first or second round. Duke-Virginia Commonwealth in the first round comes to mind, there are countless others. Nick Saban, Finebaum, and Bama fans can’t handle that. They would spontaneously combust. Next topic.

I’m glad our hoops team is having the success it is so our fans can see how superior and FAIR college hoops are compared to cartel oops I mean college football.


No doubt! Thats why I hardly post about football.

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