Football Ops construction

Today’s view


Man, they have a LONG way to go to have the scoreboard up and running for this season.

They also have a relatively long time to get it up. Fret not.


I am trying to figure out what they are doing with the field entrance ramp. Are they building a tunnel to get to the field entrance from the new locker room?

Exactly. As someone working in construction, the early stages of execution always feels like it’s taking long. Once they get into the meat of it, everything will move faster.


Not fretting - just observing. I don’t know if they’re ahead of or behind schedule.

People who work in construction always say the same thing early on, then when they start missing the target, they point back to delays in the early going. You can count on it like the sun rising. :laughing:

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I watch these cameras several times a week. My fiance thinks I’m obsessed. Most of what they were doing until last week or so was below ground. Setting the foundation and what not. I’m not in construction so not sure exactly but they ripped up the deck and did some stuff below ground by the concessions. Now that that is done, I’m guessing they can throw up the structure pretty quickly. Then towards the end they will spend more time on electrical and HVAC and stuff. But the middle part I imagine moves pretty quickly.


It’ll be fun to watch that steel go up.

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Steel goes up relatively fast and so do walls. On almost all new construction, the underground and foundation take much longer. After the walls and roofs are up then the interior work takes longer.

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I look at them often and noticed some crews work late and some work on weekends.
That steel is going up quickly.

Generally, if there is no incentive for speed of construction which would drive up the cost, late work or weekend work is to make up for rainouts. Usually, workers are hourly and don’t get paid on rain outs.
Always remember the construction triangle Speed, Quality, Lower Price; you can only have two of them.

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Tonight there was a crew working until dark . It looked like they were preparing to pour another slab . I don’t know if there have been many rainouts but I believe they are just trying to stay on time especially if they have a pumper truck on the schedule.

Yep they are working long hours or maybe they have a second shift. It’s almost 9pm.

Are they building on top of the existing building where the visiting teams enter? I would have thought they would tear all of that down before construction. But I’m not familiar with the plans or how construction works.

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I thought so to but it looks like they are keeping that.

Looks like they are keeping the same concessions too.

So glad we are building this now under Fritz and not pissing it away with CDH. Fritz will maximize its potential.


Looks like they got it poured overnight of very early this morning


Leave it to UH to have crap marketing and not building publicity and extiment by realeasing more renderings and schematics of the building. Id like to know what they are doing as far as the entrance and ramp to the field based on all the conrete construction in pouring.

The ramp will be unaffected. A few weeks ago it looked like they dug a trench that extended from the building going towards the ramp. Placed concrete in the interior sides and the poured a concrete cap on top to create a tunnel that would be connecting the building to field level ramp underground.

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When a concrete ramp or walkway is in the way of crane traffic, they build a dirt ramp over it so when the crane or cherry picker goes over it it won’t break down the edges. They know what they are doing so don’t worry.