Football Reality Show

I spoke with someone and apparently UH football is being filmed this season for a college football reality show similar to the high school show on Netflix called “Titletown” or similar to “Last chance U”. I’m sure there will be plenty of stories to tell from this season. lol

Are you telling me that we have been playing bad on purpose just so we can turn it around and win the CCG for a reality show


That would truly be a storybook ending made for Hollywood. :joy:


I was just thinking this season seems like a scripted show. If so, we are about to go on a run until the last regular season game against Tulsa which we will lose as big favorites with the championship game appearance on the line. But wait! We still have a chance if our hated rivals beat Memphis in the late game. They get it done and we take on an undefeated (in conference) Cincy as a huge underdog, the same team that destroyed us the year before. What happens next? You will just have to watch!


If that is true, why hasn’t there been any news or articles about it? It’s not like it would be a secret.

Players or someone would say something about it.

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Maybe you can ask some of the players, so that you can get an accurate answer.

It’s true. They have been chronicling the daily lives of players. They have been at Derek’s place at 5:30 am to see what the day in the life of a Cougar player is like. Meetings, therapy, massages etc. I met the photographer guys at the Rice game. I believe they are finished filming, but I could be wrong.


Do you happen to know where this show will be available?

I haven’t heard anything about that or when it will air. I’ll find out if Derek knows specifics and post it ASAP.


I thought that I saw them filming at the Memphis game but I could be wrong.

You are probably right. I don’t think they are filming at home anymore, maybe just team activities. I guess it’s for the entire season since they went to Memphis as well. That’s cool that they are traveling with them.

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I’m ready for my closeup Mr. Holgerson.

I noticed the camera crews at the early games looked a little more sophisticated than in house video guys I believed they even had a mic guy.

Yes I have been watching and NO I don’t want to see this mess twice.

Yes, they travel to every away game and are filming for the entire season. I look forward to watching the finished product.


Anybody know any more about this? Should give a lot more insight in to the season.

I was close, SMU messed this up.

They are almost done filming. They are wrapping things up. That’s all I know. I got to see a small preview of the show. It’s going to be called “The Program” (If it gets picked up?). It looks entertaining for any Coog fan, regardless of how they feel about Dana and how the season has gone.

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Did anything ever happen with this?

I haven’t heard anything since. Maybe it didn’t get picked up.