Football Recruiting Losses

We started at 20 FB Recruits. As of today we are down to 12. Very quiet. Since CTH left we have received 0 commits. Concern for program?

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Hard for UH to add many over dead period unless you target UTEP and UTSA commits.

Incorrect. We addressed a need with Ty Cummings graduating, and signed a midterm Juco kicker.

As for recruiting, we have several stars in town this weekend:

DE Bryan Jones, down to Houston, A&M and Texas
DL Josh Rodgers, down to Houston, OU, A&M and Ole Miss
CB John Davis, a current Texas Tech commit
DE Noah Jones - one of SMU’s best commits with lots of P5 offers
DE Max Cummins - former UConn commit with UCF, Air Force and Army offers
CB LaMarque Davis - with offers from Fresno, Southern Miss and New Mexico

Lots of top prospects coming in the next two weekends as well, including several OL, some WR, RB and LB.


If you exaggerate a point or miscount, the focus won’t be on your concern, it will be on correcting your mistakes.

Since July, one high school scholarship commit, one juco commit, one juco sign and two (i think) walk on commits. Since July, we have had 7 high school recruits decommit, 6 of them since the coaching change.

Yeah, I’m concerned by that trend but this is the first weekend coaches could visit players since Applewhite got the job so the next two weeks we will know a lot more if we will rebound.

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You have to be a complete idiot to think there would be no de-commits after a coaching change.

You would also have to a little naive to think we would add quality commits after a coaching change during a dead period.

Fleck has GUTTED the WMU recruiting class in his move to Minnesota.

We lost two to Texas, maybe a third if Guidry goes there.
One to Baylor
One to Missouri (Insiders have been predicting this guy would decommit with or without Herman staying)
One is an Ole Miss lean (This guy was actively asking for other offers while Herman was still here)
One is a SMU lean.
Any others left while Herman was here - many months before he left.

They lost 7 since he left. If they were “gutted” then so were we. Misery loves company? UCF lost 3. USF lost 2.

I’m a little more concerned about falling from 1st to 3rd in the conference with others closing the gap than I am about WKU’s situation. You would have to be a complete idiot to have no concerns.

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You would have to be a complete idiot to assume I have no concerns but you wrote it.

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Lots of idiots seemingly posting here. Do we need the name calling?


The only choice we have is patience. We’ll know much more over the next few weeks and on national signing day. And Major wants a little room for graduate transfers, etc. He wants more guys like Chance Allen and Duke Catalon.


Hes a Coog commit now.


Assumed nothing. Did you assume anyone thought we would have “zero” decommits?

Fleck was the worst with six commits from WMU to Minnesota in one day.

Noah gives me some confidence that the tide has turned and we’ll pick up very capable players to fill the class. #gocoogs