Football Related Podcasts

We talk a lot about the various radio coverage but who here listens to any podcasts? Have any you recommend or not?

Zierlein’s new one, Off Script, is pretty good. Not strictly football, but covers Houston sports, and other stuff.

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Scott and Holman Pawdcast
Podcast Aint Played Nobody

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I listen to Scott & Holman pretty religiously, and actually won tickets to a game last year in one of their trivia contests. I have just started listening to STW, which is a little less in depth than S&H but a lot more like talking sports at a bar with a bunch of UH fans, which is enjoyable. I just found out about Off Script. I make it a point to listen and subscribe to everything UH related.

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Scott & Holman

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SHPawdcast is number 1, but I also listen to UnderdogDynasty AAC podcast (some of them are Sunbelt or CUSA related, so just look for the ones with AAC in the title):

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The Audible
The Solid Verbal
Podcast Ain’t Played Nobody
Shutdown Fullcast (irreverent, good for a few laughs)
Campus Conversation
Place at the Table

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Besides what’s already listed (which are all great podcasts):

Houston Sports Talk Podcast:

  • Houston based podcast that focuses on Houston sports. They touch on Cougar sports every once in awhile

The AAC Daily: The AAC Daily with C. Austin Cox

  • Good 20-30 minute daily podcast that only talks AAC.

KG, 5th Ward, and the Wildcat Podcast: Stream KG of The Houston Roundball Review | Listen to podcast episodes online for free on SoundCloud

  • Local guys that talk about the local colleges, HBCUs, and hit on some of the major Houston news. KG is a UH alum and runs the Houston Roundball Review which focuses quite a bit on college basketball in and around the city. He and JD are often the only two that ask questions at CKS press conferences after games. Podcast is for all sports, not just basketball.

The Cy-Fair Sports Report with Kevin Cook: Stream Cy-Fair Sports Report | Listen to podcast episodes online for free on SoundCloud

  • Kevin is a loyal Coog who is the main Cy Fair athletics reporter. He used to by on the The Daily Brew, and would talk Coogs almost every week, but a falling out caused him to leave. It’s Cy-Fair related, but I’m trying to help a fellow Coog. I don’t recommend the Daily Brew anymore as it’s now basically run by Baylor folks.

I started listening to STW this season and would agree with your depth comment until the recent AZ game breakdown. They did a great job analyzing the game down to the position group level. They seem to be coming into their own. I’d say I’m enjoying their podcasts just as much as S&H now.

Podcast Ain’t Played Nobody is the only national football podcast I listen to. They do a good job of converting important national stories, but make a point to cover what’s going on at the G5 level.

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