Football to face few big-name opponents

It’s a good article, but I wish they picked something different for the title.

Very odd title since nothing in the article talked about it.

Define…Big Name !!

To me a big name is a name that is widely recognized by general sports fans. Like if someone that isn’t keeping up asks you “who is your team playing this week” and you answer the Cornhuskers or Fighting Irish, it has immediate recognition but the Bears or the Green Wave, they might have to think about which team you are referring.

The so called true big names do not play teams like UH on our home court unless it is like last years OK game.

I do not blame them as it is a $$$$$ issue to them !! Clearly they do not have enough $$$$ :sunglasses:

Therefore we have to sign the Arizona’s, Tech, Washington States, Louisville, etc.

And I am OK with that. What I am not OK with are 2 for 1’s and prostituting your program for that…see Rice !!

I’m OK with 1 n 1’s that require us to play in Reliant as long as they are a team that packs a 70k stadium when they are at home. So schools like Baylor and TCU don’t get to call that shot with us but schools like OU and Michigan, bring it on. It’s better logistically for us to play in a 70k stadium and let them buy 20k tickets than us playing in a 40k stadium and allowing them 15k tickets. Unlike Rice, we can still have home field advantage against a big name school if we play them in Reliant and we definitely can sell more tickets at a higher price for those games.

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No argument, but no 2 for 1’s period.

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