For all my fellow pipe dreamers out there, here is our current situation

I know this isn’t the CFP polls, but just go along with it

  • First things first… we have to make it to and win an NY6 bowl.
  • OU is #7… and based on how they’re playing I can only assume they make the playoffs if they win the Big 12.
  • Washington State is #10. Even if they win the Pac 12, I still don’t think they make the playoffs if Notre Dame and Michigan win out their shedule. However, we need them to make a solid bowl and start next season ranked
  • UCF needs to win out until we play them in the CCG. We play UCF next season who will still be led by Milton. They can still make a solid bowl game and start next season ranked

Next season is the last chance we will ever get to even dream about making the playoffs. I’m not going to give up on this dream. If we go undefeated next season with the schedule we have and end up in the same resulting NY6 bowl, then I will 100% be on board agreeing that this playoff system is attrocious.


The system is atrocious whether we or any other G5 school ever make the 4 team invitational. It’s simply a joke to call the winner of the invitational the national champion.


Basketball has an NCAA tournament, an NIT, and a CBI. Football only has a CFI. Might there be money in an NIT for football?

Pretty much the equivalent of the bowl series

It is not a dream when the system is a scam. The only chance for a G5 to get in is through litigation.
Maybe just maybe at that point the cartel might want to make a deal. That is a dream.

If you have a chance at the NFL why in the world would you play in the football NIT?

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I believe that would be the G5 playoff that some have called for.

I’d offer up a different idea and make it an 8 team playoff. Any conference champion not in the CFP makes it in, then take the best at large after that. Play 1st round games at higher seed home stadiums, rest are in bowl games, to include NY6 bowls if they want it (I think the bowls not involved in the CFP would be interested). If need be, expand it to 12 to ensure more at larges in case too many conference champions get left out of the CFP.

Basically, makes it an NIT, but it’s better than just the one-offs we get now with the NY6. Also allows ESPN or whoever to see how much money might come in for an expanded playoff while giving every conference champion a shot.

No matter how many times people repeat the same thing, I will not give up hope. We were ranked 6th in the entire country at 5-0. If we had remained undefeated we would be ranked in the top 4 in the polls. That matters.

ESPN brought the national championship trophy to display at the Cincy away game on a Thursday night. That matters.

We have another chance. We are not as talented in the coaching box, and we are not as talented on defense as the 2015-early 2016 Cougars. But we have a chance, however small.

Finish in the top 10 with D-King coming back and a good out of conference schedule anything is possible.

Including a D-King Heisman. Washington St. and OU winning their conference would sure be nice.

Beating OU in Norman will be mighty difficult given that they won’t be overlooking us.


I like our chance of getting into P5/P4 conference before the playoff. A 1 lost P5 and possibly 2 lost SEC team will always get a nod before any G5. Accept it!!!

We have an open date next year so I hope the AD can schedule a P5 like Florida State or Miami who also have an open date. Scheduling TSU is not going to help our SOS if we are pursuing big goals.

They won’t come and play here and we’d only have 5 home games if we play at their place.

The word is that we’re playing PVA&M. The AD is working to see if something opens up, but the fallback, and likely game, is PVA&M.