For every single one of y'all there right now

Did you sleep thru those games ? ? ? ? ? The UH group was the loudest, even when we were behind in the Mumpfish game (when we did something to cheer about and on defense)


During the comeback but I fought Memphis fans were more energetic to start the game

It is difficult to be positive and loud when you are getting your ss kicked by the sshls that are a big rival, and we were getting our *ss handed to us in the first half . . . . .

The same happened against Hofstra until the student section started yelling at the fans. Then students got hella loud and the energy might have made the difference. It’s something various members Sampson and Co has told us (CV3+Ambassadors) personally. Even at freshman orientations, the emphasis is on crowd energy.

But in some cases, students look like ‘idiots’… We are in college lmao.

At the same time, I’m aging out a little. I can see how it is on the other end, especially as a huge student section atmosphere guy and working on this org for five years.

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