For those at the game

How about some news

Tail gating
Size of crowd

Anything that would be of interest to us OOT Coogs

Thanks in advance

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As of now 30 minutes before kickoff not many people in their seats. Red Lot parking had lots of space available, but traffic was building on Kirby 30 minutes ago.

Get insideโ€ฆ Lines a little long

10 minutes to kickoff only half full. OU fans got here first and lots of people still outside. UH fans need to get their butts inside and make some noise!!

Carl Lewis at the game



I would say closer to 50-50 now, still 10% of seats open

95% full now. We are winning at it seems like 60-40 UH with most fans here now.

Hereโ€™s some pictures that folks posted out there on twitter
(Note: if you follow me on twitter, I apologize for yesterday. Got a little excited and was favoriting and retweeting everything I couldโ€ฆeven got put in twitter jail for awhile right before the game where I couldnโ€™t retweet or put anything out there. Slowed it down a bit once that was done. Wonโ€™t happen every game, but I do try to share what I can).

After Kickoff Pictures and tweets:

2nd Half:

Lanny Smith โ€@Lanny_Smith Sep 3
Hey @KirkHerbstreit remember we called this HOUSTON win last month in the elevator. Lol


That is the most incredible collection I have ever seen posted. THANK YOU!

It shows how the whole world knows, how far we have come, and how we are capturing the College Football worldโ€™s imagination!
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Coach Riser โ€@CoachRiser Sep 3
Lanny Smith โ€@Lanny_Smith Sep 3
If we can keep the top Houston talent at home, UH can compete with anybody. Basketball and Football
Lanny Smith โ€@Lanny_Smith Sep 3
We are on our way to making UH a place where Houston kids want to stay and play.
Lanny Smith โ€@Lanny_Smith Sep 3
I remember people in Houston telling me I was crazy for staying. Why wouldnโ€™t I want to represent MY city with my talent?
Lanny Smith โ€@Lanny_Smith Sep 3
Imagine if TJ Ford and Vince Young stayed home. D. Ewing, Justise Winslow, Daniel Gibson, Harrison Twins, DeAndre Jordan, etc etc etc