For those who missed it the Mariachi Pumas in UH

mariachi unis performed the UH/cougar fight song plus some other melodies at the mayor’s inaugural at the Wortham Center recently …


Thank you for posting it. Very cool to hear the fight song done mariachi style. It would be cool to see them perform at a football game.

This makes me proud to be a Cougar. I would have tried out for this had it been available a few decades ago.

Great group. Glad they’re Cougars…er….Pumas.


Thanks for sharing that. I enthusiastically approve as one might expect from a deep south Texas native.

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This is so great! My family would have loved this, we always had mariachis for birthdays etc. Would have loved to have had the Pumas over. Maybe it is time to restart the tradition!

Why haven’t we seen them at the halftime of a basketball game yet?


They even dressed in red just for us

Go Pumas, my kind of music…

Could not get sound. So, try this

Not a fan of mariachi pumas or other mariachis. Reminds me of a tequila sick years ago that gave me a 16-year hangover.


LOL. In 1965 in Oberholtzer Hall after a trip to the A&M game, Bacardi Rum and I had a serious argument. The Rum won much to my roommates dismay as well as my own. I vowed to stay away from that evil forever more. I still enjoy the company of Rum’s cousins (tequila included) but I steer clear of demon Rum to this day 55 years later.

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Oh yes, I’ve had some runs with tequila and it hurt like hell the next morning. But that’s good old fashion South Texas music, “Son de la Negra”. Takes me back to my Valley days growing up.

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Lol…we ought to have a tequila hangover thread.

Tequila and vertigo have the same effect on me . . . . .