Forbes 2022 College Rankings

Looks like Forbes has us notched at #111 among all American Universities, and #44 among Public universities.

Current ranking among Texas Schools:

#12 Rice
#43 TU
#52 TAMU
#83 SMU
#111 UH
#121 UTD
#143 TCU
#152 TTU
#162 Trinity
#164 Baylor
#271 North Texas
#307 UTA

Hopefully, our continued investment in Academics, Athletics, Research, Campus, etc. Allows UH to take its place among the upper echelons of upper echelons among Universities.


UTD is where a few people I knew transferred after flunking out of Cullen College EE progam…

How have they risen so far/fast?

152 in the 2023 Forbes Rankings

Still 5th in Texas, as UT-Dallas moves ahead of us while SMU drops behind us. Lots of movement this year. These rankings seem to penalize expensive private schools that do not produce better employment outcomes than state schools. For their methodology, see here.

Rice was 12 now 22
Texas was 43 now 31
TAMU was 52 now 50
SMU was 83 now 169
UH was 111 now 152
UT-Dallas was 121 now 97
TCU was 143 now 302
TxTech was 152 now 159
Trinity was 162 now 165
Baylor was 164 now 257
North Texas was 271 now 275

Among the expanded Big 12, we are 7th trailing Arizona, Arizona St, Colorado, BYU, Utah and UCF.

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