Forbes Best Value Colleges 2019

Takes into account quality, cost, aid, and earning power. The formula:

20% rank on Forbes 2018 Top Colleges
20% student debt
20% alumni earnings
20% net price
10% graduation rate
10% Pell Grant recipients.

Colleges of Note:

21 Rice
31 UT Dallas
45 A&M
65 UT
96 Houston
104 UConn
110 LSU
116 Texas Tech
119 UCF
120 Okla St
125 USF
130 Oklahoma
146 UT Arlington
159 La Tech
161 Arkansas
181 New Mexico St
188 UTEP
200 Texas St
203 ULaLa
202 North Texas
211 Cincinnati
213 New Mexico
233 UT RGV
240 SMU
254 Tulsa


Last year, we were 134th on this list.

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Woah, top 100

Wow Rice must give a lot of aid and their Alumni earnings must be through the roof.

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So if you are an employer reviewing the resumes of 3 candidates that are identical in qualification with the exception of their respective universities you take the La Tech grad and the UT Arlington grad before the SMU grad ?? I don’t think so…

Private schools such as Rice give unbelievable amounts of financial aid in many different formats. Takes 50K+ per year schools lower than state supported schools in many instances if you have the grades/test scores to be admitted. Unless you are an athlete of course. Then the admitting requirements are different to get the athletic aid.

Low i get that there are private schools that give tuition waivers for low income families, just didn’t realize that rice was one of them. Harvard/Princeton, for instance, have such a large endowment that anyone who gets accepted and immediate family makes less than 150k get a tuition remission. And they do NOT offer athletic scholarships.
Rice must be in the same ballpark, otherwise couldn’t make the list.

I’m not sure why anyone would think to use a Best Value College list to hire someone.

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Exactly, which is the reason the list is worthless.

I can think of other reasons for the list.

The folks at Charmin have replaced a reason.

From what my Rice graduate friends tell me, the school is loaded with money. That combined with having such a small class size means they’re pretty generous with aid from what I hear.