Former 5-star DE Antonio Alfano leaves Colorado program

This kid joins his side-kick who got himself dismissed from our program. Might make coaches not want to pursue 5* recruit transfers from Alabama.

Wow that’s a shocker there. I want to say he’s from the East Coast and many predicted him to end up at Maryland when he was first transferring from Alabama

One thing we don’t need is another teams problem transferring here. I am happy with the kind of kids we are recruiting, we don’t need locker room cancers.


I’m sure the Colorado coach Is a terrible coach and kicked the kid off the team because he doesn’t know what he’s doing.


Exactly, now you’re getting it!

In all seriousness though, Anoma isn’t on CDH.
And I say that as not a huge CDH lover at this point. That’s a physical talent level that unless the red flags are felonies, a coach at this and Colorado’s level in this case should take a chance on. Our responsibility is too hope it was a maturity issue or something similar that works itself out, but to be prepared when it doesn’t.

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Bingo, when you’re in our position and the thing that got the guy kicked off his team didn’t involve the legal system and the player wants to come here you roll the dice. It was a worthwhile risk, even if the end result was him never playing for us.

No need to roll the dice if you’re trying to make buy in happen. If a player can convince you he will have his act together then let him stay (i.e. Jordan Moore); if the kid can’t then you have to look out for the program and the players who are trying to represent UH, as well as make the leap to the NFL.

Anoma wasn’t “kicked” off of the team; CDH’s history with Murphy and Moore suggests Anoma WORKED his way off the team.

Semantics. He wasn’t welcome back here.

Who wasn’t welcome back here?