Former BCS computers like Houston

“Houston’s No. 7 standing represents the highest a Group of Five team has ever landed in two-plus seasons of the CFCC…”

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Is a joke Texas was rank number #11 after a shootout win over Notre Dame at home.

It would have been a joke if ND had been #1 at the time. The fact that ND was #10 at the time makes this ludicrous!

All these have built in bias. Its the only way you can have ratings after just 1 game. Otherwise there is no mathematical model that should have OU at 4 and UH at 17 after UH beats them by 10 points on a neutral field (sagarin). No way.

There is also no way you magically keep all but one G5 team out of the top 30.

Just for the record, Sagarin and Massey have abandoned the BCS rankings they used to publish (which did not account for scores by rule).

So those Sagarin and Massey power ratings (which are based on score) are NOT what would have been used back in the day.

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