Former Coog Jaaron Simmons to Michigan for senior year

Jaaron has come a long way from 2 points a game as a frosh@UH.

Good for him. If I remember right, he left Houston because he was homesick and the coaching change. Good kid.

However, being so far away from his support system wore on Simmons.

“Actually it went pretty well. I left because I was a young kid and had to grow up real fast,” Simmons said. “I was 17 hours, 18 hours away from home (by car). I never really got to go home and visit my family during tough times when I was going through a tough stretch.

“You’re so used to playing so much coming out of high school that when it changed, it’s an adjustment time. Sometimes you need people to lean on and my lean-on was over the phone instead of being able to drive a couple hours and see my people or they come see me. It was just a little different.”

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