Former UGone Coach Ollie Gets Show Cause / Ollie gets @ $11 million from UGone due in a few weeks

In a world eaten up with SEC graft and corruption it’s always nice to have Kevin Ollie pick-up games to fall back on.

Tail wagging dog.

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Almost 3 years worth of UGone hoops Big East revenue.

The ole Boneyard is an interesting read after today’s news.

$11 million + $17 million AAC exit fee + $3.5 million BE joining fee.

The fees
"The $17,000,000 that UConn has to pay to leave the AAC and the $3.5 million to enter the Big East. "

‘+ losing Josh Cartlon to UH. :slight_smile:


I posted way back when that he got singled out. I’m glad he won. It wasn’t a fair ruling.