Fort Bend's George Ranch & 99

Good piece in the Chronicle re: extending the Beltway (99) through the George Ranch (paywall)

Growth in Fort Bend County and the rest of the region is coming… somewhere along this flat stretch of farmland the Grand Parkway eventually will cross the Fort Bend Tollway. Where county leaders eventually decide to put that intersection will have an impact far beyond the typical road, with potential ripple effects on the cost to build the toll roads, the types of development that will replace that tranquil farmland and how much philanthropic money comes to Fort Bend County. The land closest to the intersection is expected to have a future worth of $500 million.

For years, the location of the crossing was envisioned on land owned by the George Foundation… Commissioners Court shook up that vision… last Oct. 12, voting with no public discussion… to move the intersection to land the Signorelli company has an option to buy. Two months later, the court, again without public comment or explanation, voted to change the county’s road plan to reflect the new location of the interchange.

And in the Ft. Bend Star…