We avg 17 fouls a game

We need to clean that up because every free throw counts


Most of the college Refs sucks - they either call ticky tack fouls or let guys get mugged.

If anyone saw the Gonzaga game, they got hosed by the refs on those fouls they called on Chet.

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Villanova is a great FT shooting team. They’ll kill us at the line.

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So was Arizona.


Unfortunately that’s just part and parcel of playing an aggressive, physical defense. Like the saying goes you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.

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Villanova is best FT shooting team in nation, 82.6 percent.
Arizona was 104th best at 73.9 percent

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The number of times I saw Holmgren knocked to the floor against Memphis, I new they were soft and not going to make the Final Four like everyone predicted. Holmgren will get beaten up in the NBA.

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But he will get paid well for it

If we give opposing teams ~25 free throw attempts per game then the difference between potential Villanova makes and Arizona makes is ~2 points.


Yup Memphis got jobbed by the refs and should have been playing Arkansas yesterday.

And Gonzaga will never win a natty until they get a team that can handle physical defense. Just look at the teams who knocked them out the last 4 tournaments, theres a common denominator between them.

If they shoot the same amount as Arizona did that equates to 2 more made free throws and we still win by 10. Gotta make shots from the Field, can’t rely on FTs fully

17 isn’t bad if you ask me. With our physical play, the refs could foul out our whole team if they wanted to. I think a better solution is to make a higher percentage of foul shots.

Memphis should probably be on probation !!