Four Star Receiver, Schwartz considering Track at UH


Sounds good to me!

It does say that he’s only considering UH for track and not for both track and football.

Maybe part of Lewis’s plan for him is to also play football and he just doesn’t know it yet.

Why would you only run track if you have the talent to be a four-star receiver? That seems like a bad career move.

Track is non contact, keeps the melon intact.


Yeah, but if he’s played football through High School, I’d anticipate that’s a sunk cost.

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If he believes he’s world class, he’ll make a lot more money with less chance of injury running track.

Only if he’s, like, the next Usain Bolt. Only the top handful of household name Olympians even get above the poverty line. One year on an NFL minimum contract is as much as the average Olympic track athlete will earn in a decade. From a financial standpoint, getting his degree and quitting sports entirely is a better bet than putting his eggs in the Track basket.

He is the #1 sprinter in the country. Money isn’t as big as it used to be, but still lots of money to be made in track. Track and field athletes rarely release info on how much they make so there is a lot out there that they are broke. Boris Berian (who you wont know unless you are a track fan) has a 3 year endorsement deal with New Balance for $125,000 a year base, plus travel, and bonuses (he collected like another 20-25k in 2016). He got that contract being the #5 800m runner in the US at the time, finished 8th in the Olympics last year. On top of that one endorsement deal he gets winnings, other endorsements, money for just showing up to meets, etc. Probably made close to a quarter of a million in 2016. Not too bad for a guy who doesn’t run in a featured event and isn’t a star.

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Carl Lewis made some serious buckola’s running track.

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All it takes is one hit on the knee or too many concussions and your football (and possibly your track career) is over.

The hurdler from Oregon who also plays football is having issues with that.

Devon Allen is actually a very good comparison for Schwartz. Allen was the #36 WR in the country and Scwartz is #34. Allen had an injury which made him an average WR, but luckily didn’t hurt his track career. Making good money now in track.

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If he signs a track scholarship, he can’t play football for 2 years.

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That makes total sense. It keeps schools from hiding football athletes on the bench of other sports to go over the scholarship limits. If someone is a walk-in track and football, no chance of manipulation.

What if he signs a football scholarship? Can he still run track?

I wouldn’t get too worked up about it anyway. Look at how our last couple of 4 star WR’s turned out. Plenty of guys available that can run but ones that catch all of the catchable balls is another thing.

You guys are talking football, but honestly having a word class track program as Lewis is envisioning it would be awesome. Imagine tuning in to the Olympics and seeing a bunch of UH athletes.

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That’s the goal. Shooting for a national championship this year.

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