FOX is pushing expansion

Basically just the opposite of the ESPN POV. They want content and are not already paying cheap prices for AAC, so they want to have more content they have access to.

Also basically calls the opposition due to dilution BS.

Sounds like Fox is wanting expansion to the East

Sounds like they want east eyeballs. So eastern teams are probably a bonus, but CTZ games at 11 still work for getting them content. I would think they would specifically not want UCONN, as their content rival ESPN could reap political favor for “getting the hometown team into the party”.

Plus do not have LHN, so they probably would want a foot in the market. Right now the only good game they may get annually is the Red River Rivaly, and ESPN gets first choice. So they may push for us more than expected.

Sounds like there are complaints about who some of the teams are; probably who the 4th team is. I imagine BYU, Cincy, Houston are all in, but FOX probably wants UCONN or the Florida schools to get on the East Coast where they are limited while ESPN is probably pushing Memphis or Colorado State to avoid FOX getting access to the Eastern Time Zone.

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Fascinating to read this story and see that FOX is actually driving and pushing Big 12 expansion, not just 2 but 4, the more content for FOX, the better…And how better than to raid rival ESPNs American conference and rob it of 3 of its top programs…

Yeah but they just got the Big 10.

The deal with the Big 10 gives Fox about two games a week of new inventory. I’m guessing those two games a week are spread across all Fox outlets (Broadcast Fox, FS1, etc.). It doesn’t sound like a lot, but adding it to Fox’s existing inventory, it is a lot. Fox begins broadcasting Big 10 games in 2017.

You caught what I missed, CougarRed. The author of the article doesn’t seem to be aware that Fox picked up rights to the Big 10.

FOX has been one of the leading proponents of Big 12 expansion over the last year as the network tries to get more college sports to air across its family of channels. This has been discussed repeatedly in the past, because FOX Sports only has the tier 1 TV rights to the Big 12 and Pac-12.

The premise is false. Beginning in 2017, Fox has rights to the Big 12, the Pac 12, and the Big 10.

Uhhh this WHOLE Fox/ESPN is convoluted … at best …

ESPN vs Fox for Head Kahuna SOUNDS a whole lot better than ESPN and Fox teaming up together to nix expansion.

Little wonder in the unknown back ground the Big12 and presidents are busier than long tailed cats in a room full of rocking chairs.

And a decision will not be forth coming for a few weeks as they predicted several days ago.

AND no doubt our hound tracker … pray10 … will be posting every conceivable article related or semi-related from the far corners of America … and BEYOND …



I sincerely hope that there’s no “BEYOND;” first article that pops up from an international address might be when I quit doing this…probably not though.

Now just got to figure out when to sleep :sleeping:

UH and BYU are the only programs worth the extra cash.

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