Fox Negotiating a New Postseason Tournament in Vegas

The ESPN v Fox war is now entering basketball.


Note: this would be an NIT alternative, not NCAA. Personally, I’m not terribly interested in seeing a 16-team tournament exclusively comprised of non-tournament teams from 3 conferences that each send the top half of their conference to the tournament.


Jokes on them,. There aren’t any Big 10 teams that don’t make the NCAA tourney.


so this jumps ahead of the NIT?

It’s obviously based on getting big fan bases to come watch in Vegas and watch on TV rather than putting the best of what’s left vs the best

Smart move imo

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I can’t wait to watch Nebraska play Butler in the championship.

It would give Cincy something to do in the Spring


Memphis loses in the Championship each year.

I can’t imagine watching this. I haven’t watched the CBI since Penders was here. I only watch the NIT in the final two rounds.

They’d have to get into the B1G, XII, or Big East first

This would be during the elite 8 weekend, like three weeks after their season ended, by then coaches would have been fired, players want to transfers, this is the stupidest idea ever

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But why?

$$$ is why