Fox Sports - 5 reasons why UH can win the CFP

Not reach the playoff. Win the playoff.


well let’s be honest, if a team doesn’t have a chance to win it, then they shouldn’t be in it…

Wow! He makes some compelling arguments. Just really hope our guys aren’t distracted by Big 12 rumors and the inevitable rumors of CTH leaving at the end of the season. This team could really do some special things, and if anyone can keep them focused, it’s CTH.

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Coogs need to stay healthy and opportunistic for this year to be as good as the press keeps projecting. After the 14-1 season, I want to believe the Coogs can be just as good but I thought 2012 would build upon 2011. I know…coaching change, Levine vs. Herman, Piland vs. Ward, etc. It is hard to have a season like 2015 so trying to keep it in perspective.

And, as much as I enjoyed the strong Peach Bowl performance, I never came close to thinking that UH “embarrassed” the 'Noles as the writer says.

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#1-0 Stay the course and stay focused!

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