FOX Sports & AEG Launch the College Basketball Crown

a.) Football
b.) This is just NIT but with a different name essentially

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loser basketball…only ncaa non quals
and after the NIT and CBI…
not sure I see the value

fox saw the success of the NIT this season and decided to hop on the train. nothing more than a shameless money grab to take attention away from it’s media competitors

The NIT had success? Didn’t hear a word about it.

that’s on you then buddy. indiana state has been making headlines with cream abdul jabar and genuine interest. look at the numbers, viewership is up. if you didn’t hear about it you’re OOTL

The release read to me like they want to run this tournament after the NCAA tournament.

Interesting call. Would that cut into recruiting and portal free agency?

So West Virginia and Arizona St. have something to do every year.