I think we are seeing the very beginnings of something really special. He is doing things we haven’t seen here since Olajuwon. His wingspan and athleticism reminds me of Olajuwon.

I know I am going to get a bunch of “slow your roll, he isn’t Olajuwon”. In 1982 Olajuwon wasn’t Olajuwon either and he was doing similar things. In fact Francis is better than the 1982 version of Olajuwon.

Time will tell but I think he is going to be one of our greats.


He has limitless potential!


He doesn’t run the floor like Olajuwan as a freshman but other than that who knows. He has tremendous physical talent


Sampson is getting it out of him as well.

This is why you go and play for Kelvin Sampson.

If comparing Francis to Olajuwon doesn’t ruffle some of the old timer’s feathers, saying Sampson is the best coach ever to be on our campus, certainly will. But Sampson is the best coach we have ever had and we have had hall of fame coaches on campus. Nobody has developed talent like Sampson. Our other greats were phenomenal recruiters, but Sampson is the best coach we have ever had.


Francis just needs to get stronger Especially to play in Big 12. Get him to 250 next year and he’ll be z a force. He is still a little gangly right now and can bd moved around in the paint. But you can’t teach the length and reach he has.

I love Francis and his potential but it might be a bit early to compare him with Olajuwon at this stage of his career.
In todays game Hakeem would have been a first round draft pick after his sophomore year.
And also remember that Guy took him in as a very raw talent and coached him up like he did Elvin Hayes.
Francis has the talent and the coach to be really good here but only time will tell.
Enjoy the ride!


Man your giving Guy way too much credit.

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Exactly! That’s why ive made this meme a while back!!!

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Lol did you watch Hakeem or Elvin being developed? And as far as giving Guy too much credit that is a ridiculous statement.
We are lucky to have had Guy Lewis as our head coach for 30 years and even luckier to have coach Sampson.
Let me make this clear. We struck gold when Hakeem got out of that cab and we got even luckier when Sampson fell into our lap after being kicked out of NCAA hoops.
Love both coaches and they both have been great for our University.


Let me know when you have your 12th birthday as a few of us would love to come to the party!


I am okay saying Sampson is the best coach we have ever bad and the biggest reason is the culture he has developed. However, the poster who said Butch is giving Guy too much credit “ lost all credibility. Greg Anderson is another big who came in very raw and left a dominant big with a great NBA career.


Guy Lewis put 3 all time NBA top 50 in the hall of fame, not many coaches can say that.


The 1981-82 Olajuwon came off the bench and averaged 18 minutes a game with 8.3 points per game and 2.5 blocks per game.

Ja’Vier is averaging 12 minutes a game with 6.9 points and 1.9 bocks.

Adjusting for minutes played they are the same player. Will he become as good as the Dream? Who knows, probably not but who knows.

I really like this kid though. I like his athleticism, his shot blocking ability is something we haven’t seen in a long time.

If Sampson wins the National Championship then I will say he is our best coach, but until then is Guy V for me 5 final 4’s, end of story


This is Javier’s second year here. Hakeem did not redshirt. Dream came here having only played basketball a couple of years.
No argument here because I love Francis’ talent and his motor


I first saw Hakeen in the Sugar Bowl Classic in NOLA. He came off the bench and dominated. I told my gf we just saw the basketball future.

Francis has potential but Hakeem? Nah


Yes I watched almost every game including games before Elvin showed up. His first game as a freshman he blocked about 25 shots. Hakeem & Elvin would have been gold wherever they played.

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In 1982 Olajuwon wasn’t Olajuwon.

In 1983 Olajuwon was Olajuwon.

Thank you, Guy V.

Thankfully, finally, we have CKS.

It has been a long road back. A long time in the basketball darkness. It is kind of hard to believe it took the great University of Houston Almost 4 decades to return.


Lol but one thing Guy could do is coach up big men. To not give Guy credit for their development is beyond funny.
Yes they were gifted athletes but Lewis coached them up nicely.
Not going to argue with you because you obviously have a bias here.
Guy Lewis was a great coach here and that might be the reason he is in the HOF


Need someone to teach Francis and the incoming freshmen the drop step