J’wan and Jarace played well, but I’m surprised Francis didn’t get any minutes to give them a break. Is this an instance of Francis being a liability or our starters just being that much better?

Either way, doesn’t give much confidence about Francis being our starting 5 next year.

I don’t think he played vs Memphis in AAC title game did he?

Just looked at the stats for the Conference Championship Game, 0 playing min

Yeah against decent competition he has normally been good for 2 minutes and two or more fouls.
He’s not playing for a reason


liability… Francis is our best rim protector by a huge margins, our best athlete on rebounds, if it was about the starters being better, Francis would still be getting minutes situationally as he as advantages over other players in certain aspects…
Sampson just doesn’t feel comfortable with him out there

but to be fair both memphis and nku had 5s with guard skills, likely didnt feel comfortable with him on the switches and picks


I say screw it and start Francis and Edwards along with Walker and just own the paint. Auburn can’t shoot for s*** so make them earn it from the outside.

Francis, Walker and who? :thinking:


Roberts. No clue where I got Edwards from.

Maybe from last year. :laughing:


I’d like to see Francis some in the next game, too. Roberts was really gassed at the end of the game (and maybe dinged up). I get that Francis was a bad fit against the NKU guys, but there should be an opportunity to work him in against Auburn.

Against a decent team like Auburn Francis wouldn’t last as long as Sasser did tonight.
Not saying he shouldn’t see the court, but he is a foul machine and wouldn’t last long with athletic Auburn.
He actually would have matched up better with a smaller UNK team but never saw the court.

Agreed. Francis is foul prone for sure. The main benefit with him is that he’s an easy target for Shead since he gets up so high for lobs. I’m curious to see how Roberts and Chaney match up with Broome. If either of them struggle, perhaps Francis can make him uncomfortable.

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In past years, it seemed like coach was ok with bigs being aggressive and stacking fouls. Breon Brady and Chris Harris come to mind. Getting 5 fouls in like 10 minutes lol. Even Chaney at times

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Thinking of Sidney Edwards, UH 6’9" forward in the 1970s? Is he coming out of retirement?

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Was Francis even on the bench last night ?

yes, he was and dressed

If we go zone I would say we can put Francis in more. One of the weaknesses of Francis is he can’t switch on the guard positions. That weakness goes away with a zone.

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NKU played almost all guards…

Francis will get minutes against bigger teams.

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You say that but he didn’t get time against Alabama or any other team we played that wasn’t a cupcake. I’m curious if he hits the portal. It hurts because you get attached to these guys and believe in them.

He’s definitely situational use player for this year and last in the rotation.