Frauds post game presser

Is this gonna make me angry. My Garmin Instinct 2X Solar is already saying my heart rate is 123 beats a minute.

I’m 22 seconds in and he says “how we didn’t have the will to win in OT I cannot explain”

You were supposed to say, “it’ll make you angry.” Not actually make me angry.


I too have a Garmin Instinct Solar

Its the tetas! Mine is meteor red.

Against my better judgement, I’m gonna give it a listen

It’s so bad don’t do that to yourself


Should’ve been given the Herm Edwards endzone treatment

Indeed it is. Solid black for me, though. A red band would be cool for game day

This man is clueless and full of more questions than answers. Get Fritz or Herman on the line.


Herman would prob takeover tomorrow lol


Call Dan Mullen or Gary Patterson to come in as Interim. No need to waste any more time with Dana.


in an Instance, prob for minimum.

“At the end of the day, it’s on me.”

Yes, we’ve heard you say that so many times - there comes a point where him taking the blame without making appropriate adjustments is actually worse than just passing the buck on someone else.


I used it to get back to my truck when I was in the Angelina National Forest. I’m attached to it now. You can get Coog red bands pretty cheap on Amazon. I’m gonna get a white band for game days.

Tell me he did not say that

Alls you gotta do is watch the first 22 seconds, word for word

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Dana, you shouldn’t have been in OT to begin with!

Wonder if he stills wants this game played every year lol