Freshman Applications

This can only be good for UH right? I wonder how many are accepted and enroll? Is there a cap for classes?

Record breaking freshmen application to attend UH in Fall... more than 35,000!

— Renu Khator (@UHpres) May 27, 2021

Yep, it’s all good; we can be more selective. Higher potential students are more likely to stick around and graduate on time. I’m sure there is a freshman cap , but I haven’t seen anything official. Best guess it would be around 9,500.

I have kids that went through the process of applying to colleges. And these numbers are inflated. Kids now are applying to a dozen colleges because its so easy to apply on line and most of the time they even waive the registration fee. Each kid is so valuable that they will do anything to get them to apply. Its so bad that if you do early acceptance, they’ll give you preferential admission, because what’s happening is that colleges have to accept more than they have room for in order to make sure they fill all the slots, knowing that a lot of these applicants aren’t going to accept. A lot of kids wait till the May 1 deadline to accept too. Once accepted the colleges have to admit them, that’s when you get over crowding for first years.


I read UH acceptance of applicants is at 65%. Of those accepted, about 34% actually attend and
are admitted.

35,000 * .65 = 22,750.

22,750 * .34 = 7,735

So if past trends hold, my initial guesstimate was off by 1,800.

Wow, awesome. What is the number normally?

I saw 29,000 freshmen applicants in 2018

Out of more than 51,000 applicants for fall, nearly 29,000 were freshmen.

This is the way things have been for a long time.

I applied at numerous colleges (and grad schools). Why wouldn’t I? I applied to some that were reaches, some that were probable-admits and a couple of safety schools.

Early admission has been around since I was applying for schools in 1985–at least at some schools it was.

In addition to not necessarily knowing where you’ll get accepted, some kids’ decisions might depend on who offers more money, where their friends are going, programs offered, etc.

I think the point to take from this–whether UH is a first choice, a probable choice, or a safety school–more and more kids are interested in attending there. The majority won’t. But it’s in the realm of possible. It’s crossed their minds. And I think that’s a positive indicator our of reputation improving among those who don’t know much about UH.


At 65 % acceptance rate, we’re more selective than many p5 schools. LSU is 74 % for ex

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