Fresno at Boise (Friday at 9:15 on ESPN2)

Getting this thread started. I know there are a ton of different scenarios (and yes, we need to focus on beating Temple and winning out), but we’ll need some help if we are to make it to a NY6 game. Boise knocking off Fresno would need to be the first domino to fall.

Fresno is currently a 2.5 point favorite on the road. I haven’t watched either team enough to know how they match up, but wanted to go ahead and get this thread started since I’ll likely be watching tonight, and open it up for any predictions (if anyone is so inclined to lay it out there).


Was just about to make this thread haha

Let’s go Boise!!!

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Boise has been pretty Jekyl and Hyde. One minute they look like Boise that was BCS busting and another minute hey just look busted. Hopefully they can get it together and win this one.

Never easy to win on the blue turf but Fresno appears to have a pretty stout defense.

Boise’s blue turf on a big screen TV is the worst thing I’ve ever seen including everything from Reddit/r/wtf

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Boise has won 14 out of 16 home games since 2016, Brett Rypien is playing good and they’ve basically got 3 receivers with 500 or more receiving yards for the season. Their defense is good enough. I’ll take Boise State 27-24.

Watching the game. Looks like Boise ties it up at the very end of the 3rd. My observation is that both these practice tackling.

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Boise should be up by 3 TD’s

Boise is going to win. Lets not blow it tomorrow.

This game has had a little of everything.


Boise State just gave us a chance at NY6 , let’s beat Temple.