Friday:UCF at Louisville 6:30 ctl on ESPN (Week 3 for the AAC/ B12 OOC)

2 games each vs ACC/B10/SEC.

A couple of good B12 OOC games
Okie State @ Boise and VT @ WVU.

I do hate Vagina Tech and would love to see WVU crush them but I have serious concerns about our offensive line play at this time. I’m not feeling extremely confident.

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Unless there is a 180 turn, I expect OK State to get destroyed by Boise. They look terrible on offense and the timing of playing a pissed off Boise team on their blue turf makes it even worse. Same goes for Tulsa heading into Ohio St, that will be a slaughter.

you think Tulsa will slaughter Ohio state?

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Nevada @ K State on saturday.
I had no idea the Nevada QB is the possible #1 pick.
(2 Cinnci defensive players go in the 1st of this mock)

No, other way around. I thought my context was clear, or at least my posting history that shows I don’t have brain damage. lol

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UCF @ Louisville tonight- 6:30 CTL on ESPN.

A big one to get UCF ranked before @ Cinn on Oct 16th. They are @ Navy, ECU before Cinn.

For those who are B12 watching.

The DA Show on CBS Sports is in Boise doing a remote.
Okie State is the 1st B12 team to play @ Boise.

Those fans are fired up. They want to beat Okie State badly.

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