Frisco Bowl Might be What We Deserve

The only plusses I saw in the Frisco bowl were that it was close and we could possibly sell out. However, with our inconsistent play, maybe that’s where we deserve to be this year. Maybe even get a chance for some redemption and a chance for the fans to turn out in force.

Don’t be so sure it would sell out.

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I kind of doubt we could sell more than ~10K seats, if that, to the (Texas based) Frisco Bowl game.

We probably won’t have much more than that show up at TDECU stadium on Friday and that’s having already sold ~15K season tickets + ~5K students.

I bet there are about 1k students there.

I look forward to getting beat by some directional no name team in whatever bowl we end up in and go 6-7.

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I’m not sure, I just know we can. Smaller venue, though it is the middle of the week.

I just got ill…“8-4 gets you fired at UH” guess we’ll see if it’s all bark no bite


Couldn’t agree more we deserve the Frisco bowl. Mediocre team should get mediocre rewards, or in the with the rest of us live in no rewards.

Predicted vs UNLV on this one

I thought most of UH’s students were local? Why wouldn’t they come out?

Bowl games topically aren’t free admission. And this is bowl game including opponent and us, suck noodles.

These type of bowl games are simply extra games for gambling addicts, practice time, undeserved bonuses and rewards.

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impossible… 6-6 is the worst we can do and 8-4 is the best however unlikely…

We only play 11 games this season. Just sayin.

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If you read the comments on the UH Football athletic’s FB page, and other UH-centric pages… the mood is absolutely terrible. Some people are giddily bragging about how they won’t show up for any more games and encouraging others to not go. Which – in my opinion – punishes the student-athletes and proves we don’t belong in the P5 to detractors.

People are furious, and rightfully so. Houstonians and alums just don’t want mediocrity and won’t settle for it. Unfortunately the way it will be expressed actually hurts our program.

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You are correct.
We were in New Orleans, and everyone I talked to was disgusted to the point of being angry. Emotions were running high.

IMHO, athletic events are very much like theater, concerts, hunting trips and gambling trips. ENTERTAINMENT. If I go fishing, hunting or gambling, the entertainment value far outweighs my expectations of bringing home a boatload of fish, cooler full of deer meat, or a suit case full of money. To go knowing I would come home with the fish, deer or money, it would not longer be entertaining. The fish and/or deer results would be like murder. The money would be like theft. As far as attending the theater and/or concerts, you have certain expectations to be be entertained, but you have no guarantee. It seems to me that too many comments in these posts are demanding gratification beyond entertainment. Not every game is entertaining, win and/or lose. It is always a “crap shoot”. My wish is that we can enjoy the UH games win or loose. The best games, to me, are the ones that are not decided until the last few seconds. I enjoy the edge of the seat experience . . . . . IMHO, that is why the games are played . . . . .

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Similar but different. Most of us went to school here which in itself is a huge investment. Most of us donate to CP (Some a lot more than others) which is another investment. This is what makes college football special because when we say “We won” or “We lost” it means more than some drunk falling out of his chair at an NFL game saying “We suck”. Yeah it’s entertainment and we can’t control the outcome but we have answered the call for investing in the program so we shouldn’t have to settle for mediocrity.


Yep, because we are entitled and should be playing in an NY6 game every year…LOL

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No fan base WANTS mediocrity. However, a fan base can ensure mediocrity by not showing up for the games and not supporting the program just one season into a 1st time head coach’s tenure. This team is hard to understand – beating Arizona and USF and losing to Tulsa and Tulane. Hopefully, if this team was 6-4 going into the final game against Navy with losses to Arizona, USF, Texas Tech and Memphis, I like to think the mood of this board would be better.

I am cautiously optimistic that Major can fix some problems in the offseason and the new recruits will start to pay off. I like the idea of a King or better at QB for the entire season. I hope they can stay healthy on and off the field.


6-6 or 8-4 includes possible bowl game.