Fritz ranked 26fh

According to CBS Sports of top four conferences head coaches.
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Willie Fritz: Making his debut in our Power Four rankings, Fritz is ranked higher than any other newcomer and one spot outside the top 25. It’s a rarity to see a coach with no power conference experience start this highly, but it’s no surprise that Fritz would be the one to do it. The man is a serial winner who has done it at multiple levels. Tulane went 23-4 the last two seasons and beat USC in the Cotton Bowl two years ago. The Big 12 is Fritz’s latest challenge, and his history suggests it’ll be a successful one. 2023 rank: n/a


Let’s hope he gets us to the promised land!


Give him a little time and we will be back. Running the program the right way: Discipline, High Expectations and Accountability. Keep on doing your thing Coach.


We wandered through the desert after Guy V until Sampson found us. This feels very similar. Put me down as a Fritz fan until proven otherwise. I’ve been wrong before but this feels right this time. This is coming from someone who saw Bill Yeoman hung in effigy one night in front of the Cullen Building next to the long gone Reflection Pond.


I remember the report of that–always wondered what CBY would have had to say about it, no doubt it was classic and we probably should have had it placed permanently on the stadium (ex:" now that’s hard cheese")

If memory serves that was the tipping point that got Yeoman to take a gamble on some hairbrained new offense …The Veer. His days were numbered and he had nothing to lose and everything to gain.
Thank you Bill Yeoman.

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He will Law.

Incredible work ethic and he’s doing it right.

Playoff in three years?

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Sooner. They’ll be 16 team playoffs possibly as soon as 2025 :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:

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So, somebody burned a Bill Yeoman “voodoo doll” on campus?

No. A dummy of him was strung up and hung lynch mob style. It was kinda ugly actually…a bit over the top. But that was in 1965. There was LOTS of cultural change for the next few years. Vietnam hadn’t really cranked up yet. Marijuana was not even thought of much yet. LSD was coming but also not known much. The early Beatles hairstyle was very controversial. Hang on kids…we’re going for a RIDE!


OK, so instead of burning a Bill Yeoman voodoo doll, they hung a Bill Yeoman voodoo doll.


this whole “give him time” thing is premature in my opinion

  1. NIL does not really allow coaches to “have time” bc of constant turnover
  2. He’ll get us back on track really quick imo
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I still can’t believe we got us a serious Coach. Only a few more months and we playing football!


Football did have Pardee for a short stay before he opted to the Oilers. I will always wonder what our program would have been like had he stayed. But to be honest, he won with Yeoman recruits and scooted to the Oilers.
Don’t forget we had Foster after Lewis and he was an excellent coach. He recruited junior colleges primarily but fielded really good teams. He finally got upset with UH and left. I also wonder how things would have gone had he stayed around.
Other than that Penders was a decent coach and breathed some life back into a dead program playing in a worn down Hofheinz Pavilion.
But fortunately we lucked into Sampson…enjoy the ride while he is still here…


Only thing is left to see if the wins start stacking.

The guy has something to prove. Perhaps this year is ‘open’ on outcomes but we will start winning and equally important, we will compete.

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