Going through some old emails. I came across a link I forwarded to some friends. The SBNation staff predictions for the Peach Bowl (UH vs FL State) are funny now.

You have to read their comments to go along with the predictions:

David Visser:
FSU 37, Houston 20.
FSU big, 38-17.
Noles 38, Houston Rockets 20.
Fisher-Fil-A 33 - HouJangles 20
FSU 35 Houston 17
'Noles in a 31-21 victory.
Andrew Miller:
FSU 31 - Houston 24
FSU 45 - Cougies 17
FSU 45 UH 17
Cougars are a cute story though. Really cute.
Matt Minnick:
FSU in blowout fashion, 34-13.
Curt Weiler:
Josh Pick:
FSU rolls over Houston 34-20.
Michael Rogner:
FSU: 57 - whatever bum we’re playing: 10.


Man that was fun to read! Thank you for reposting that.

This might be my favorite prediction of all time:


Houston is a cute story. Their fans are sweet for thinking they have a chance.

On offense: Cook runs for 250. Then, Houston will try to sell out against the run and SMAG will throw for 300. Put me down for a long Kermit TD catch, Harrison to have a breakout game, and Tate to get a red-zone jump-ball TD.

On defense: The FSU DL is gonna destroy Houston. Derwin James will once again be deployed as the murder weapon. The duo of JRam and 'Quez will suffocate the Houston WRs. Look for Terrance Smith to have a huge game. Will probably be the healthiest he has been all season. DWalk and Sweat have fun with it and tally five combined sacks.

FSU 45 UH 17

Cougars are a cute story though. Really cute.

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Goes to show that trash talk should only happen after the fact.

The crazy thing is, most of the UH v. OU predictions looked the same, even after we proved everyone wrong against FSU. And I’m sure they’ll look the same again when we get ready to play Louisville and when we get ready to face off against Alabama in the CFP. Not sure what it’s going to take to get people’s respect.


We break fsu, oklahoma, and then cincinnati. Who’s next?

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Kind of the San Antonio Spurs syndrome. No matter how much they win it seems people always want to write them off. (I’m a Rockets fan)

As fans we have to block all of it out. Their will always be naysayers.

We just have to enjoy the winning. All the other stuff we can’t control.

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Block it out until after the fact. Then we can rub it in their faces incessantly!


For me that feels better than receiving “respect” from writers and fans.

The underdog, disrespected role is much better for us as Houston fans. We thrive on it.


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